About Us

Why Do We Penniloop?

Our Story

Penniloop was created from the love of a cat. During the recession many animals were given up and abandoned. We devised a plan where our purchases could help rescues and pet owners in some way. Over time we were aproached by people with special needs, seniors, veterans and others who also wanted to connect with supportive programs. In 2016 we launched a new platform where every business can have a satisfying opportunity to give back.

Penniloop Growth

Penniloop is currently active in the United States with Canada, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and England arriving this year. If one of our sites looks bare then you know we're in the field fundraising for those in need (or feeding stray cats).

Our Team


Our team is made from a diverse group of people. Our home office is located in Northern California where we can play in the snow during winter and splash in the ocean during the summer. We believe that life should be integrated with happiness and socially responsible habits. Our staff is encouraged to live their lives to the fullest.


Our development team comes from people all over the globe! We do our part in global stewardship by including staff from countries of conflict and pay a globally fair wage.
The Penniloop platform is made for both basic and advanced devices. This philosophy, building for everyone, is part of our Penniloop Commitment.


Penniloop advisors include dentists, sales leaders, CEOs, manufacturers, and more.

For general information please contact us at info@penniloop-outreach.com

The Penniloop Committment

Community Inclusive

We build for everyone and do our part to represent the best of communities. There are no popups, no extra hidden fees, no drama. What you see is what you get with us.

Local, Small Business Focus

We understand sales, costs, and customer service, and the amount of effort it takes to get things done. Penniloop is a platform (and eventually a verb!) where you can connect without the pitfalls of other commerce systems. There are no extortion fees. We don't display your competition on your profile. There are no outside ads, and we keep the focus on your community interactions. Accounts are free, you only pay to share an offer (and it's lower than any other comparative service!).

Low Cost, High Success

We are committed to bringing people together for common good. Because we are a for-profit business, we can use an aggressive approach to making a difference in both local and international communities.