About Us

Why Do We Penniloop?

Penniloop was created from the love of a cat. During the recession many animals were given up and abandoned. We developed a plan where all of our purchases could help rescues and pet owners in some way. Over time we were aproached by people with special needs, seniors, veterans...other people who also wanted to connect with supportive programs and finiancial help. In 2016 we launched a new platform where every business can have the opportunity to give back while receiving advertising (sales) incentives in return.

Our Story

Penniloop Growth

Penniloop is currently active in the United States with Canada, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and England arriving this year.


Penniloop Team

Our team is made from a diverse group of people. Our home office is located in Northern California where we can play in the snow during winter and splash in the ocean during the summer. We believe that life should be integrated with happiness and social, living conections. Our staff is encouraged to live their lives to the fullest.


Penniloop Development

Our development team comes from people all over the globe! We use a diversified approach to work, business, and achieving our common goals. The Penniloop platform is considered a "thin build" where we focus on delivering top service to even the most basic of devices. This philosophy, building for everyone, is part of the Penniloop Commitment.


Penniloop Leadership

Penniloop leaders, volunteers, and advisors are dedicated to seeing betterment in their communities. Our team includes dentists, writers, attorneys, sales leaders, CEOs, manufacturers, builders, software engineers, and more. All of our leaders have a proven history of actively affecting lives for the better.


Penniloop Responsibility

Our Corporate Culture of Giving Back

Penniloop team members come from places of leadership and give-back programs. We have all been involved in community-building efforts in some way. From rescuing local animals to orphan dental care in the Middle East, we have a passion for seeing life and community betterment. Penniloop advisors have broad histories of large-scale government infrastructure programs, international medical aid, natural disaster relief, and small business education in developing countries.

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The Penniloop Committment

Community Inclusive

We build for everyone and do our part to represent the best of communities. There are no popups, no extra hidden fees, no drama. What you see is what you get.

Local, Small Business Focus

We created a way for give-back businesses to connect without the pitfalls of other commerce systems. There are no extortion fees and we don't display your competition on your profile. There are no loaded links to slow up data, and we keep the focus on your community interactions. Accounts are free - you only pay to advertise.

Sell to Give Rewards

We are committed to bringing people together for common good. Since we are a for-profit business, we can use an commercial sales approach to making a difference in both local and international communities.