Alley Cat Allies to Hold Feline Frenzy® in the Florida Panhandle

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This April, Alley Cat Allies will save cats’ lives and transform communities in the Florida Panhandle through our Feline Frenzy® campaign.

In the past, we’ve brought Feline Frenzy to Washington D.C., and New Orleans, Louisiana in order to improve cats’ lives and transform communities. Now, Feline Frenzy will aid Florida Panhandle communities as they continue to recover from Hurricane Michael, which devastated the area in October 2018.

Through our Feline Frenzy, Alley Cat Allies provides expertise, humane education, public outreach, and essential funding. Feline Frenzy is tailored to fit the needs of the community to have the strongest long-term impact. In the Florida Panhandle, our multiple pronged approach to positive change for cats includes providing high-quality, high-volume veterinary care. For nine days between April 4 and April 18, our expert staff will work with Operation Spay Bay and several other local organizations to reach a goal to spay and neuter, vaccinate, microchip, eartip (for community cats), and treat as many as 1,000 cats for free.

Alley Cat Allies will also provide 30 humane traps to bolster TNR efforts in the area.

Alley Cat Allies’ Feline Frenzy will create long-lasting positive change to protect cats and provide relief for people and cats whose lives were uprooted.

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