FAQ and Cheat Sheet

All Accounts FAQ

  • Posted loops (cross-connections) connect items, interests, and users.
  • Each post connects an interest and a category.
  • Posts remain until you delete them.
  • Posting costs $1.50/month for 30 posts.
  • You must have a paid account to post.
  • Limits are set (30 posts/month) to avoid spam and misuse.
  • Posts are public and show up on search enigines.
  • Sponsors pay nothing to to post during their sponsor duration.
  • Posts will boost search visibility for the link and/or user placed on the post.
  • Profiles are free, accounts are required.
  • Profile info is public (shared), some options can be partially hidden
  • Check hide boxes for privacy. City, state, username, profile image are public.
  • Be aware of safety when including personal information displayed publicly.
  • Accounts and dashboards are free
  • Accounts are required to make posts, follow, and use email buttons.
  • If you are having difficulty with your account, email us at info@penniloop-outreach.com.
  • We charge a small fee each month for posting because we are a small business and don't use outside advertising. We only show sponsors with active Penniloop accounts.
  • For posting we accept Paypal and Square for secure payments and account validation. We will NEVER ask for your credit or financial info.
  • Montly fees begin at the date of first payment.
  • Use the filter button on mobile to expand the filter options
  • Match me shows posts from user with the same location. Use Match Me if your geolocation isn't working correctly.
  • If you can't find what you're looking for, try searching through another interest or category. Users create different combinations so you might find it connected another way.


  • Seniors
  • Veterans & Military
  • Students & Teachers
  • Police & Fire
  • Care Givers
  • Volunteers

Sell & Shop

  • Sustainable, Recycled
  • Cultural Styles
  • Handmade Goods
  • Health Products
  • Books, Webinars
  • Organic, Vegan

Events & Happenings

  • Music & Arts
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Festivals
  • Classes, Seminars
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Openings