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We offer a greater way of boosting your Penniloop profile and overall SEO. Topic pages can be sponsored so that users will see your name featured, as well as holding the top spot in the post feed. For eaxample, if you choose "apparel in New York", users will see your name and profile link "sponsored by" in the header. Your posts will also appear above the others.

Durations: Seasonal and Yearly

Sponsorships are based on time durations: seasonal (3 months) and yearly (12 months). This helps seasonally productive businesses boost the services that match their needs (think of swimming pools in the summer or ice rinks in the winter). Yearly sponsorships are great for competitive industries, startups, or impacted locations - where a business needs to push heavily into a local market. More

Demographics and SEO

Sponsorships attach zipcodes to keywords, and those to user profiles. We've been able to achieve top Google ranking with Penniloop profiles, ask us how!

Zipcodes and Cities

"Near Me"

Penniloop offers geolocational shopping. That is, people can shop nearby no matter where they go. By sponsoring various zipcodes, a business can cover a wider area or reach users outside of their current demographic. We offer single zipcodes as well as packages in zipcode sponsorships. Get Started.

"Match Me"

To reach a unique group within a demographic a business can focus on the Penniloop "Match Me" feature. "Match Me" connects profiles to one another based on location. For example, dentists can use "Match Me" to share their offers to users who match their office zipcode rather then their own. Sponsoring a zipcode, combined with "Match Me" will ensure a near-perfect local demographic advertisement. Signup or request a call.

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$150 / Season

  • 1 Premier Zipcode or 1 Group
  • Posts (FREE)30

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12 Months
$400 / Year

  • 1 Premier Zipcode or 1 Group
  • Posts (FREE)30
  • $200Saved

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The Penniloop Committment

Community Inclusive

We build for everyone and do our part to represent the best of communities. There are no popups, no extra hidden fees, no drama. What you see is what you get with us.

Local, Small Business Focus

We understand sales, costs, and customer service, and the amount of effort it takes to get things done. Penniloop is a platform (and eventually a verb!) where you can connect without the pitfalls of other commerce systems. There are no extortion fees. We don't display your competition on your profile. There are no outside ads, and we keep the focus on your community interactions. Accounts are free, you only pay to share an offer (and it's lower than any other comparative service!).

Low Cost, High Success

We are committed to bringing people together for common good. Because we are a for-profit business, we can use an aggressive approach to making a difference in both local and international communities.

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