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Battle Creek | MI.

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At Kellogg Company, our sustainability team works to ensure that our cereals, snacks, frozen and veggie foods are grown and made in the most ethical, environmental and socially responsible way.

Open For Breakfast: Kellogg's Programs (Hunger, GMO, and Sustainability)

B Visit and learn how Kellogg's is giving back and our social responsibility!

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Help Kellogg's End Hunger

B Kellogg has donated more than 41 million servings of cereals and snacks through Feeding America food banks, in support of multiple disaster relief efforts in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Here's how you can help: Donate food or volunteer ...

Food-drink + Poverty Battle Creek | MI
The Kellogg's Family Rewards Program

B If you are lucky enough to catch this Tiger, you'll fall in love with the super soft stripes! Like busy moms, these legwarmers multi-task! Can be used as leg or arm warmers. Buy KFR products, get points, and redeem to get: Baby Legs Tiger Legw ...

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Kellogg's Family Rewards

B Purchase the KFR-participating products that you love. Easily collect points on those purchases using our three ways. Then redeem your points for awesome rewards.A valid email address is your key to bonus offers, free points, special offers, money-sa ...

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